April Newsletter – 25G

From the Desk of DG Lion Tom Polk

March Madness – basketball. As Hoosiers, we get talk about brackets and “Cinderella” teams that cause people to cheer for the underdog – even those of us that are not sport fanatics. Some stay up at night or I even know people who take time off work to stay home and watch the games. When the tourneys start, we all
have our predictions, our goals as to what is going to happen. But, as they say “is why we play the games” – things change. Teams win that “shouldn’t”, other teams lose that should have been the champion. The game is 40 minutes and the game isn’t decided until the final buzzer.

So why talk about basketball? We can easily make the comparison. We are in the last half of the year. We have a little less than 90 days on the clock. And we, as a team, are behind. Our district is still down in membership. We started this year with nearly 40 more Lions than what we have now. Like a basketball team, we
need to rally and come back from behind. We need to approach Lions the same way and with the same passion that we do “March Madness” – we need to talk about it all the time. It needs to be a constant point of discussion at work and with our friends. We need to talk about, instead of the great “slam dunk” we saw on Saturday night, the kids we eye screened or the work we do with the blind, the hungry or the homeless. We need to talk, at the watercooler, not about your bracket and the office pool, but how you are raising money for cancer research, the fight against blindness, hearing loss or providing leader dogs. We need to ask our friends and co-workers to join us on a team for Brian’s Trike race to support ISBVI, a golf outing or to many of the other events of fundraisers going on in the district or the state.

Let’s make the last quarter of this Lions year a strong finish. Let’s come from behind and finish with a positive
membership growth. Let’s increase the impact of the Lions of district 25G in North Central Indiana –

We need to serve with a purpose!