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February 2019 Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter Governor's Corner Due to 7 inches of snow and 40 mile per hour winds with lots of drifting and icy roads, as your Governor I had to weigh what is more important, a cabinet meeting or my Lion friends' safety; so, I had to cancel the cabinet meeting that was to be

January 2019 Newsletter

January 2019 Newsletter Governor's Corner I hope that you and your family had a joyous and wonderful Christmas celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. As you celebrated around your Christmas tree with family and friends keep in mind that many people in our world were not able to be home for the holidays.

December 2018 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter Governor's Corner By the time you read this, you and your family have celebrated another Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully your tummy is not so full that you will not slow down being a Lion. We have a lot more year ahead of us to reach out to your community and keep the Lion's

November 2018 Newsletter

November 2018 Newsletter Governor's Corner Lion Sheri and I have been very busy this month of October with banner nights, club visits, and handing out awards. But after all that, I can honestly say I would not trade it for anything. It is so heartwarming to meet so many Lions that give their time to

October 2018 Newsletter

October 2018 Newsletter Governor’s Corner September has kept me very busy visiting clubs and finding out what they are doing in the spirit of Lions. We as Lions are always looking for the one person who would like to join Lions. I know that every one of you knows someone that you can ask. Invite

September 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter Governor’s Corner Having fun in August visiting various clubs and hearing their stories. So far every club I have gone to is doing a lot of interesting things trying to get new members. I would love to come to your club and hear all your stories. So if you have not set

August 2018 Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter Governor’s Corner I finished July and when I got back from the International Convention, I have been very busy. Lion Sheri and I have got to one Governor’s Council Meeting, 2 Banner nights, and I have completed one District Cabinet Meeting. At my Cabinet Meeting, we had many clubs represented and I

July 2018 Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter Governor’s Corner Lion Sherri and I have just returned from the International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. They kept us both pretty busy, but we were able to see some sights and leave some money behind. So now it is time to roll up my shirt sleeves and get to work for

June 2018 Newsletter

25G June 2018 Newsletter From the Desk of DG Lion Tom Polk It is hard to believe that this will be my last article for the newsletter as district governor. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the Lions of district 25G in this capacity. I look back over the year and I

May 2018 Newsletter

25G May Newsletter From the Desk of DG Lion Tom Polk "Opening night" – the time where a movie or show starts its first run. Based on reviews and people who attended, the show will be a success or a failure. In years past, movies would have several good weeks of attendance based strictly on