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A New Lionistic Year. A New District 25G Governor!

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Hello, District 25-G! When you receive this newsletter, I will be getting ready for my trip to the 102nd Lions Club International Convention in Milan, Italy…just a tad further than Milan, IN! I will be out of the country from July 3 through July 10. Watch for my posts on Facebook!

I want to give special thanks to PDG Jim Reeve, and many of the PDG’s before him: Tom Polk, Peg VanNevel, Vic Fischer and Marty Juel for their guidance. So glad to be part of this TEAM!

Every year, you hear the new goals of the incoming District Governor, and many times, they sound familiar. Why is that? Because we all want our District to succeed, and to do that, we need involved, active clubs, who bring in new members, new ideas and serve their community.

You can find my goals for this year on page 8 of this newsletter, but let’s think about how we can get there with tangible ideas and plans. For membership, think about local groups in your communities that already enjoy RV’s, camping, and motorcycles. What a prospect for a Specialty Club!

Please plan on attending my Banner Night on August 24! There will be a prize drawing for those bringing a First Aid item that can be donated to our schools. Bandages, gauze, tape, sanitizer, antibiotic cream… get creative!

But the biggest opportunity I am asking your club to consider is working together on this year’s District-wide Service Project – hosting a Health Fair. This is not something that one club needs to shoulder alone but would be best with three or more clubs.

I can provide you with area contacts for your Lions Clubs to provide blood drive, vision screening, and diabetes screening just to start. What a great way to showcase your clubs, possibly find new
members, and provide Service with a HEART!

DG Mary Klempay

District 25G 2019-2020 Governor