Download the full November 2019 Newsletter

November 2019 Newsletter

With the upcoming holidays approaching us faster than we want to even imagine, I’d like to ask all of our District 25-G clubs to submit their holiday celebrations and community events to PDG Peg for the December newsletter.

Is your club doing a food drive to help the residents in need? Does your club participate in bell ringing for the Salvation Army? Does your club have a Santa that makes appearances, or do you go caroling at local nursing homes? LET US KNOW!

Has your club confirmed a DG visit? I look forward to continuing these visits into our new year! I want to hear what’s new with your club and how I can help.

By now you’ve heard of the upcoming Health Fair that’s my district-wide service project. With four clubs already confirmed for the first Fair scheduled in February, their liaisons will be meeting soon. Who from your club is going to be YOUR liaison?

Not only have the medical contacts for the upcoming Health Fair been very encouraging, they have also suggested that our Lions Clubs partner with already established Health Fairs being hosted within your communities.

Need information where those health fairs are, and how to get your club involved? Give me a call! Zone chairs will be provided with this information as well.

As you know, family and friends are your holiday focus. Please send my best wishes to them all, and thank them for allowing you to be a part of the largest civic organization in the world.

We all know that this time of year becomes busier, with a lot of stress. THANK you for giving your time, talent, and sometimes your treasure to being an active Lion in District 25-G.

At this time, let me wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

– DG Mary Klempay