October 2018 Newsletter

Governor’s Corner

September has kept me very busy visiting clubs and finding out what they are doing in the spirit of Lions. We as Lions are always looking for the one person who would like to join Lions. I know that every one of you knows someone that you can ask. Invite them to your club for a visit or treat them to a cup of coffee and tell the story of Lions. Remember, if you don’t ask it just won’t happen.

My slogan this year is a simple one, it’s just “GET ON BOARD” just like the train that rumbles down the track. So that train will get to where it’s going, unload their cars and be happy that they got the job done. So I am asking all of the clubs that I visit to “GET ON BOARD” that train with me and fight PEDIATRIC CANCER. All your club has to do is send your funds to LCIF and ask that they go towards PEDIATRIC CANCER. And if you do, please let me know that you did.

When you get this newsletter, banner night for 25-G will be in the history books. I hope you enjoyed it and went away knowing that as a Lion you are part of a family of friends that reaches across the world helping those that are truly in need.

DG Jim Reeve