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October 2019 Newsletter

Fall is here, the changing colors are making the drives through the countryside for visiting my Lions Clubs enjoyable and relaxing.

With the changing seasons, come the changes in Lions Clubs activities. Outside activities might have to take a backseat for a while, and we focus on craft fairs, tenderloin dinners and vision screenings for the area school children.

What other things can we focus upon during the months ahead? How we can improve our Lions Clubs…how can we build our membership…who can we identify as a new leader? There’s a simple and inexpensive solution to those questions and many more!

Many Lions just returned from the USA/Canada Forum that was held out in Seattle, Washington this past month, and there were SO many opportunities to learn and grow in service.

An yet, that weekend of training can prove cost prohibitive to many in our district (and state) but fear not!

We have the Mid-Winter Conference coming up in January that is easily available to the Lion members of District G. Early registration is $40!

Some of the seminars available are:

So many opportunities to learn, so many opportunities to network…

Make THIS year the year YOU come to the Mid-Winter Conference – January 10-11.

You can build new friendships, discover new ideas that trigger excitement for how YOUR club can make a difference in your community.

And taking a road trip down to Indy with other Lions can definitely be a memorable experience!

Go Green and Ride Share!

– DG Mary Klempay