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September 2019 Newsletter

We are two steps closer to having a wonderful kick-off to the District-wide Health Fair program that will include these services:

The first two steps are getting the organizations and location to work well together…

We’re already talking with Saint Joseph Regional medical Center and the Mishawaka Parks Department to create this Lions effort.

Now, the all-important third step is YOU and YOUR club becoming a part of this historical event.

Are you part of Zone 1 and Zone 2? Here’s your opportunity to work with other fellow Lions to create a better community, bringing health screenings to those in need and Making a DIFFERENCE!

Contact me to be a part of this incredible opportunity and we’ll build our team together. Who’s IN!?

To get the key people in place, please select one representative from each of your clubs, and we can set our goals to hosting this new district-wide sponsored event in early November.

Promotional information will be provided to each club to share the same message across the District.

Specific updates will be emailed in mid-September to let you know who our partners are in the various communities.

Be a part of SERVICE with a HEART!

– DG Mary Klempay