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August 2019 Newsletter

Good day fellow Lions of District 25G, hope everyone had a great 4th of July with family and friends.

As you know I am back from the 102nd Lions International Conventions in Milan, Italy. What a beautiful place to visit and see all the incredible buildings. The Duomo di Milano churches and Sforza Castle, along with some of the statues in Piazza del Duomo (Main Square) and the Roaring Lions.

The training was very helpful to me as your incoming District Governor. The beauty of Milan, Italy was over-whelming at times, and all the old buildings and churches gave me a great sense of history. Watch for pictures on our Facebook page.

On July 5th I was inducted as your District Governor and my blue ribbon was pulled by PDG Chloe Weyrauch from District 25C. Now I am OFFICIAL!

We learned how we can help our clubs grow and make some necessary changes along the way.

The International parade was on Saturday July 6th and included over 125 countries, all with beautiful and distinctive parade outfits.

This was once-in-a-lifetime fun and was it ever hot! It felt just like being here at home with the temperatures in the high 90’s and the high humidity. As we walked the parade route, we were cheered and waved to by over 10,000 people!

Speaking of thousands of people cheering and having fun, have you considered the fun you can have the Indiana State Fair?

Not only will you receive credits to receive W.P. Woods awards for your club, but you will be representing the Indiana Lions to one of the largest gatherings of Hoosiers in the state! Check page 11 for more information.

This year’s district-wide project is to host a health fair! Things are in the works to have a September kick-off for the first health fair. I ask that you to work with clubs within your zones and coordinate a fabulous event that provides vision and diabetes screening, but look to include a blood drive, free mammograms, and so much more!

Each month, I will include my upcoming schedule, so that you can connect with me to plan your club visit. (See page 2)

Make sure to check out page 11 for detailed information on our first District Meeting on Saturday, August 17.
All attendees will receive an entry to win TWO complimentary dinners to BANNER NIGHT from me! And what fun we’re going to have at Camp Mack. Check page 10 for the reservation information for Saturday, August 24!

Speaking of prizes, remember to bring First-Aid items when you come to Banner Night, and be entered in a special drawing. All supplies donated will be distributed to local schools. Can’t wait to see you all there!

DG Mary Klempay