25G May Newsletter

From the Desk of DG Lion Tom Polk

Opening night– the time where a movie or show starts its first run. Based on reviews and people who attended, the show will be a success or a failure. In years past, movies would have several good weeks of attendance based strictly on the media hype. Now movies have one good night and one news channel did not do a movie review until four hours prior to opening. Why? Because with the rise of social media peoples feedback on a movie now is measured in minutes not days. If you see a good movie or eat a good restaurant – we tell all of our friends. Get bad service, bad food – again we are telling everyone we know about it. We write reviews of hotels, movies and restaurants – letting everyone know of our experience. We ask that spoilersnot be posted on Facebook (spoiler – they will). We see movies surpass hundreds of millions in revenue as people go and even go a second time.

So, what does this have to do with Lions club? Do we talk about the projects that we have done the same way we talk about movies? Do we tell our friends about the fun we had at the district meeting or the facts we learned about the Leader Dog program the same way we enjoyed a good restaurant? Do we keep it a secret? Are we embarrassed to say Im a member of the Lions Club“? Do we find only the negative things to discuss? In listening to what we say about Lions Club – would anyone want to come and attend?

I would challenge you to think about the last time you told someone about a good movie or restaurant – your review probably went something like this You really need to go to <name of restaurant/movie>, it was really good and we enjoyed ourselves greatly. You really would enjoy it!Now think back to the last conversa-tion you had about Lions Club – was it similar or was it much more negative? Do our club meeting focus on what is going wrong or what is going right? Lets find our passion about Lions Club and make sure everyone is aware of it.

Lets not keep Lion Club one of the worlds best kept secrets.

We need to serve with a purpose!

DG Tom Polk